Zero Inbox Livin’

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This is an actual screenshot from my phone showing zero, yes ZERO, emails in my inboxes. Woo hoo! I can’t begin to tell you just how happy I am. Earlier this week, 100+ emails, spread across three different inboxes, stared at me each time I looked at my phone or opened my laptop. It was a sad state of affairs, my friends. So, Friday night I decided to get down to business and get my inbox back to zero. Making a decision is sometimes the biggest hurdle to overcome. It took a lot of moving emails to their appropriate folders, pinning links I’d emailed to myself onto Pinterest, and deleting any unnecessary emails, but I made it. Zero inbox livin’ is the life for me. I have to be diligent and continue to actively keep it this way, but the time is worth it. Now I just need to apply that same practice to open tabs on my browser…  To be continued.




3 thoughts on “Zero Inbox Livin’”

  1. I typed out this long response and it got eaten. Grrrr . . . I had over 1000 emails in all 4 of my inboxes. Mostly notifications from blogs, sites and YouTube channels to which I subscribe. I tend to see that new stuff has been posted and then go over to the site to see it but don’t check or delete the e-mail. It’s gotten to this point before and I swore up and down it wouldn’t get there again but it did. It gets overwhelming the more emails pile up! But I spent some time and cleared out all the inboxes. Now that I use my phone more heavily (got a smart phone), I hope that I can keep up better with deleting stuff but we’ll see but I honestly don’t see myself deleting things once they come in. But it actually feels like a relief to get rid of all that inbox clutter but I have to think of a better approach. Maybe a once a week or month purge? Anyway, I’m glad you posted about it because it prompted me to do it and I did it. It needed to get done. Yahoo!


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