Why Finding Your Purpose Isn’t The Answer

Image via wantalifecoach.com
Image via wantalifecoach.com

Remember that post I wrote last month about finding your purpose? Well, here’s what I’ve learned since then:

Finding your purpose isn’t the answer.

You can know all of the things I mentioned in my previous post and still get stuck. You can pray, meditate, do yoga, read and recite daily affirmations, be spiritually aware, spread love via inspirational messages and random acts of kindness, eat organically, be a vegetarian, read lots of self-actualization books, blogs and articles and even write a personal blog share what you think you know about purpose AND STILL feel like there are blocks that keeps you from fully realizing the bliss that purpose-filled living brings. Yep, totally sucktastic, peeps.

Discovering my purpose and recognizing the path to fulfill it was awesome, at first, but eventually, I was left asking, “Now what?” Then came more questions: “What do I do now? Which one of my gifts should I cultivate first? Who should I reach out to help me? When should I do this and that…?” and so on. The one thing that finding my purpose did was leave me with more questions. Isn’t it ironic? Don’tchathink?

This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. Or is it?

I have lots more to say on this topic. This might even become a series. Stay tuned.



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