Motivational Tidbits for the Week | 2-13-14

Every Thursday I share the awesome stuff that motivated me during the week. Check it!

  • I love everything about this: 70  year old body builder teaches you how to stay young. I need to join a gym ASAP! 🙂 Btw, since you’re already on his page, make sure to ‘like’ the Positive Black Stories by Heru G. Duenas. You won’t be sorry.
  • This story (Shoemoney) has stayed with me ever since I read it. It motivates  me to continue to think outside the box. There’s nothing we can’t do. Nothing.
  • I read the book Clean Gut in two days and it’s an absolute must read. This is a healthy living game changer. I’ll do a formal book review later on, but do yourself a favor and READ IT ASAP! You can order it today by clicking on the picture below. (affiliate link)

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