Yes, You Can Eat Too Much Avocado & Other Thoughts on Overconsumption

Mmmm, avocado.
Mmmm, avocado.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with avocados. I put them on and in anything (sandwiches, salads, smoothies) and have even mashed one up and put it in oatmeal. Don’t do that last one; trust me. Anyway, I’ve been enjoying my avocado romance, but noticed that I got super sleepy after eating whole avocados for lunch. Sleepiness like “I’m-about-to-fall-out-of-my-chair-from-sudden-onset-sleepiness-following-yummy-avocado-overconsumption” type of sleepiness. I actually hit up Google to find out if avocados could make you tired. What’s interesting is that, according to several websites,  eating too much avocado at one time floods your body with a large amount of fat, which can cause tiredness.

Where am I going with all this avocado talk?

The whole experience made me think about how too much of anything isn’t good for you. Overindulgent behavior tends to leave you feeling lethargic and not very motivated to do much. This can happen with good things, too! I notice that if I take in too much inspiration or knowledge on any given subject at one time, I’m left feeling overwhelmed, stagnant and really wanting to take a nap. While I’m a strong advocate of inspiration, knowledge and naps, a line must be drawn to keep the experiences meaningful and fresh, instead of being left feeling like a stuffed Thanksgiving turkey.

So, the lesson of the day is: Overconsumption is bad. Establishing a “full enough” barometer is good.

By finding a happy medium, you’ll be able to have your avocado and eat it too. Yum.


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6 thoughts on “Yes, You Can Eat Too Much Avocado & Other Thoughts on Overconsumption”

  1. I think this just happened to me. I will indulge in a whole avacado probably 2-3 times a week. Sometimes I try and eat only half but I fail. Anyways, got off work had me an avacado with a little salt and pepper. A half hour goes by and I’m like hmm, I have another one….so I woofed that one down too. Next thing I know I am passed on the couch out having a nightmare. You know the kind, “if only I can just wake up!”. So I looked up to see if they have any sort of lethargic affect. This is the article I found. Thanks!


  2. Great article! And so true. There was a time where I bought a whole pack of Avocados and I noticed I got sooo tired. Once I sat down or was in bed, I could not get off. I first thought it couldn’t be because of the avos but recently I went back to it – without changing anything else- and have noticed how exhausted I got. Too much of a good thing is bad. Thanks!


  3. Funny that I find this article… I was trying to prove q theory Ive got about the link between feeding the baby twins I look after avocados for lunch and how long their nap will last. I NOTCIED THAT EVERYTIME Id make a pudding with mashed avocados, they would go for a 2 hours + nap, whereas if I go for plain yoghurt with fruits, 1h or 1h20 would be the longest nap they have….
    I didnt find any scientific support to my idea but what people experienced seem to converge with my thoughts, so thank you!


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