Oops! + A Plan

Earlier today I accidentally published a blog post I’m working on a little too soon. I regretted what I did immediately after I did it, and, well, you guys got a sneak peek into a forthcoming post. While I didn’t mean for that to happen, it did and it sucks. So, after a few huffs-and-puffs, and some choice curse words, I shrugged it off, laughed at my mistake, and decided to write this post instead.

That’s how I usually handle mistakes. I get all bent out of shape, rant for a moment, and then try to remedy the situation. That’s all I can do. There’s no point in letting mistakes, known to an audience or just to myself, ruin my day. Why beat myself up over the past? I can all get so caught up in the feelings of regret, remorse, and wishing whatever happened, didn’t. But why? Why not learn from it and try to do better the next time? That’s what I try to do with most things and it’s worked out well. I even catch myself from repeating the same mistake twice. Now, there’s progress!

So, that was my oops! and now on to my plan. I’ve been wanting to blog consistently since I started blogging, but time and time again life has gotten in the way. Be it the kids, work, writer’s block or whatever else, I just keeping letting things get in the way of my writing. So, here I am (again) telling you guys (again) that I will be writing on a schedule (again), but here’s the newness of this time around — I have a more doable schedule planned. Starting next week, I will publish a new blog post every Wednesday without fail. I am committed to sharing my and my family’s successes, failures and everything in between with you all. As always, I thank you for sticking with me, even through all of my inconsistencies, and will be talking to you every Wednesday from here on out. Besides, would these faces lie to you?



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