Thoughts On A Wednesday Evening

Once again I’m here, trying to write something funny, thought-provoking and relatable, and I’ve got nothing. This has become the norm for me, and, frankly, I’m sick of it. Where do my words go when my fingers hit the keys with cursor blinking away and the blank white page staring at me? All day long I am full of ideas, stories, jokes and wisdom, and yet, when I get in this space, my space, I feel vulnerable, scattered and can’t find my words.


Then, as the universe does, it sends me this:


Isn’t that the truth? Just showing up and being authentic is all that’s needed. Being honest about where I am at the moment I sit down to write is why I started this blog. I’ve got to get back to that and consistently tell it like it is, and if people are inspired, all the better. So, I’m here and will be each Wednesday, even if I’m just saying a little blurb or short video, it’ll be from the heart.

Sending you love and blessings. Talk to you next week.


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