My (New) Secret Weapon For Getting Things Done

I watched a recent vlog from one of my favorite mommy vloggers, Nicci over at A Farmhouse Full. She’s a stay-at-home mom of seven (she recently had a baby girl!) who homeschools, homesteads, cooks from scratch (most of the time), and just seems to have a never-ending wealth of knowledge, energy and inspiration to share. In the vlog, she was giving her one month postpartum update and answered some questions people sent her. One of the questions was one that I’m sure she’s been asked 100 times before: How do you do it all? As usual, she candidly answered and mentioned something that stuck out to me. She said that she uses momentum to keep her ship running because if she doesn’t their lives as a family of 9 will drastically suffer the consequences. This advice was especially important for me since I’m on the way to having a family of five and have often wondered how I am going to manage while working full-time and homeschooling, let alone finding time to do things for myself, like writing this blog! Nicci gave me the answer: Momentum. People often think that you need a better plan, more help, more motivation, and such, but sometimes you simply need to get started and to keep going even though you may not feel like it. Sometimes pushing past the urge to slow down reaps the biggest rewards.


As usual, I began at the beginning — I wrote a to do list. This is not just any to do list, oh no, but an ultimate to do list that contains any and everything I can think of that I need to do. This list is in a journal that will go with me everywhere I go. It will be by my side from here on out to capture all of the things that I need to do in one place. I found that I had lists EVERYWHERE and that I needed a home for one living and breathing list to give me a big picture view of my tasks, while giving the motivation and satisfaction of seeing items crossed off. Also, it was important to me to physically write this list because I find that doing this bodes well for actually completing things more than typing one out or using an app. So far, I have two journal pages full of things to do and a good amount completed in these last few days. Yay! Momentum is going to turn these baby steps into a well-oiled machine, baby! I think I finally found a realistic way to do it all, y’all. Oh yeah!



2 thoughts on “My (New) Secret Weapon For Getting Things Done”

  1. I am working on the same things. I run a small business – I teach on line and in my home (I call it my Homeroom) and I homeschool 2 kids – I am still trying to find the best way to write curriculum for both my kids and my classes – and market and blog and vlog and find time for myself in between. “Momentum” is great and soo important because I also realize that if I stop everything stops and that is not good. I am also working on planning out a month at at time – that way I can bunch up all activities that need to be done in the same place and time and therefore I am more efficient and save time and energy. I also have a hard coded bed time and end to the day because I can work 24/7 if I don’t do that and I run out of steam much faster. Balance is soo important.


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