October Unprocessed Starts Today!

Image via Tumblr

Have you heard of October Unprocessed ? Until last week, I hadn’t. I follow the Eating Rules page on Facebook, but with all the crazy algorithms going on over there, I rarely see their posts. As destiny would have it, I saw the announcement for the month-long challenge to not eat processed food at a time me and my husband were talking about eating cleaner. Being vegetarian doesn’t always make for the best food choices. Who knew? Anywho, I shared the challenge information with him and he was down, so I started searching for the best way to ease into this challenge without too much angst. I ended up finding this comprehensive list to help me avoid buying processed foods. What an awesome find! I’ll be referencing it throughout the month, and beyond I’m sure. I also made an Unprocessed October Pinterest board that I’ll add to as I find or create new recipes.

Eating unprocessed does require preparation, so before I went shopping, I made a menu plan for the week. In short, here it is:

  • Breakfast: Homemade blueberry muffins, pancakes, or oatmeal with fruit, Green smoothie
  • Lunch: For me: homemade burrito bowl or lettuce wraps with chips and fruit. For the kids: Grilled cheese or PB&J on whole grain bread with veggies, fruits, yogurt or something similarly healthy on the side.
  • Dinner: Black bean tacos, black bean burgers, One-pot Mexican skillet

You can find recipes for some of the foods we’re eating in my Pinterest boards for quick meals and breakfast. Btw, follow me on Pinterest while you’re there!

Between the list, Pinterest board, and meal plan, my first shopping trip was a success. I bought a few processed items (premade whole-grain pasta, Ezekiel bread and a few other items), but everything else was fresh fruits or vegetables, or dried beans. I’m pretty proud of myself already.

Are you interested in joining us as we venture further into the land of clean eating? We’d love the company! You can learn more about the challenge at www.eatingrules.com/october-unprocessed-2014/.


P.S.   Changes are a-happenin’ here at Go Breathe Go. I’ve already started doing little things here and there, but my plan is to do a complete overhaul before the year is over. For now though, I’m just tidying things up so my content is more organized and easier to find. So please, pardon my virtual dust as I get my life together over here.


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