What We Did During Week 3 and 4

The last two weeks of homeschool came with a couple of challenges –being super busy one week and sick the next. Through it all, we got some work done and started a new, more simplistic routine that seems to be working.

Instead of primarily focusing on language arts like the curriculum we were using suggested, I decided to focus on studying math, reading, and writing on a daily basis. Other subjects are covered during our self-directed learning time (more on our schedule soon!). Again, I respect and really like Waldorf methodology, but I have to follow my gut, and it says to switch gears and tackle these three subjects every day. And, honestly, talking to other homeschool moms helped me see that language arts can be integrated into reading and writing anyway. I love when learning can happen organically. This system has been successful so far. We’ll see how the next few weeks roll.


This past weekend, I was looking for something different for us to do outdoors and saw that a nearby city was having a Native American celebration. We dropped by and the boys got to see a tee pee, a hoop dance and drum circle, and Native Americans in native dress. We even got a little history lesson when I stopped one of the participant and asked the significance of their feathers. He explained that feathers from different birds had different meanings and they were gifts from the creator. The boys were fascinated by the culture and we look forward to learning more in the future.

The last two weeks ago included, B, my oldest, starting DAPCEP, a local pre-engineering class. He’s been twice so far and seems to really enjoy it. The class is focused on STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) and the kids mostly do hands-on group projects. He started the class at a good time because soccer is ending and basketball hasn’t started yet. The fun doesn’t stop! Oh, and I almost forgot… we made a light box! I’ve wanted to make one for about a year and finally got around to it. I still have to get some translucent items for the kids to use with it, but early play went well. My oldest traced one of his coloring book pages, and the youngest just explored the box itself. To make it, I literally spent $15 (would’ve been cheaper if I’d had the box I needed), and it took 1 minute to put together. All you need is a clear plastic storage container with a clear lid and white or clear Christmas lights. Simply put the Christmas lights in the box, close the box making sure the plug is hanging out, plug in the lights and you’re done. That’s it! You can find tons of ideas on what to use with the light box online – here’s just one example.

The DIY light box!
The DIY light box!

Overall, the last two weeks were good, and we’re ready to see what the next few weeks bring.


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