I’m Not the Fun Mom I Thought I Was



Here’s the deal:  Being the fun mom isn’t one of my best qualities these days. It’s sad, but true. The necessities of everyday have gradually pushed fun to the backburner, and I just realized it today. Fun just feels like something extra that requires my brain power, energy, and time, and, frankly, I ain’t got it. I used to think of myself as a fun, creative, and somewhat spontaneous wife and mother, but these days, with so much to do and so many people and things to take care of, fun just doesn’t always make it in the picture.

What brought this realization on, you ask? I just had a moment to think, that’s all. I thought about the type of things that I’d rather be doing with my family, and then the things that I actually do. It isn’t pretty. Sure, we have our lively, enjoyable moments, and those are the ones that I capture on my here, homeschooling blog and Instagram. When I look back on those times, I don’t think about how planned out they were, I just remember the fun. I hope my kids will too. One day. But, right now, the fun is fleeting. I spend more time wishing, and hoping, and thinking, and praying, planning and dreaming to be a more fun to be around. Not to mention, my boys have attention-spans that last about 30 seconds, so regardless of how much fun I think they’re having, they’ll be over it almost as soon as it starts. I try to keep up, I really do. It’s just tough, you know? I don’t know. They just seem bored most of the time, and I feel bad. Yes, it’s unreasonable to expect to keep them entertained all the time. And, yes, kids should be bored sometimes because it’s a good way to boost creativity and imagination. I know I’m not completely responsible for their fun. Still. It sucks to feel like I’m more concerned with their futures than I am with the present because, of course, the present is all we have.

So, this is where I’m at today. No inspirational ending, no suggestions, no advice. Maybe it’s my hormones. I don’t know. But, right now, fun don’t live here anymore, at least not full-time. Booo. If you need me, I’ll be over on Pinterest.


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