The $5 Savings Plan

Photo courtesy photo.elsobar.com
Photo courtesy photo.elsobar.com

With the new baby coming and other changes on the horizon, I’ve been obsessed with finding ways to save money, like reallly saving money. When you search for this kind of thing online you find the same suggestions over and over again – cut expenses, get rid of cable, stop going out to eat, and so on. What happens when you’ve already done 99% of the suggestions and you’re still looking to save money? In my search for even more savings, I came upon this article: The $5 Savings Plan. There was something different about this way of saving that actually made more sense to me than other more popular alternative savings plans, such as the 52-week challenge, for example.

After a couple of days I’ve already saved $20. Of course this isn’t the only way we’ve saving money; it’s more like an experimental rainy day fund, but the money seems to add up quickly! My husband is even going to join in on the fun. It’ll be interesting to see just how much we can save using this simple method. I’ll be sharing more alternative savings options in the very near future.

What’s your tried-and-true way to save money? Share in the comments!


2 thoughts on “The $5 Savings Plan”

  1. I started using the $5.00 method about a month ago. It was ok, but I’d already had two other saving methods going. So, I figured I’d start w this one at the begining of the year to see how it goes along with MY tried and true 52 week savings. Be Blessed


    1. Yeah, this isn’t the fastest way to save money, in the least. I think it’s good practice for those who need to lean into savings, or those looking to try something new. Either way, I’m just glad folks are saving their money! 🙂


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