We’ve Been Featured in Living Ma’at Magazine!


I recently did an interview with Ericka, Editor-in-Chief of Living Ma’at magazine, an awesome new online magazine that provides articles, interviews, resources, and products that inspire you to be creative and to live a just and balanced life. You can check out the interview here.

I have to admit, the questions she asked made a sista THINK, but I feel like I answered openly and honestly for where we were at the time. While a few things have changed since the interview, our motto is the same: Be passionate. Work hard. Learn Everyday.

Be sure to support this wonderful magazine by subscribing to their mailing list, and by following them on all of the major social media channels. Thanks again, Ericka!


2 thoughts on “We’ve Been Featured in Living Ma’at Magazine!”

    1. Hi, Avalou! At three years old, I’d make sure everything was fun, play-based and was kept to very short amounts of time. One of the best ways to get your son learning is to read to him. Reading teaches SO much without being forceful. Even if he doesn’t want to sit still for story time, give him something quiet to do and keep reading aloud. Introducing letters, numbers, colors, etc. is good and will help him understand his world more. Ask him questions and listen to his answers. Take him on nature walks and tell him what you see and ask him what he sees. Include him in things you do, like chores, cooking, cleaning, etc. Kids that age LOVE to feel like they’re helpful and this builds confidence. Lastly, I’d start doing research on homeschooling, including learning child development, psychology and learning styles so once your child shows an interest in formal learning, you’ll be ready. I hope this helps! If you haven’t done so, please subscribe to my blog as I will be sharing what I’m doing with my almost three year old frequently.


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