Updates Galore! This is a long one, peeps.

Friends, it’s been far too long since I’ve posted on here. I have a good reason, though. Life has been beautifully chaotic. Total oxymoron, right? Things are calming down now, so here I am, back at it again, breathing in between going on and on ’til the break of dawn.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

My pregnancy 

I totally fell off vlogging my pregnancy on YouTube. There was always something getting in the way. My

32 weeks!
32 weeks!

camera stopped working on my iPhone, the timing wasn’t right, exhaustion took over… you name it, my efforts were blocked. Anywho, I’m almost 34-weeks pregnant and feeling great! Baby girl is growing very well and everyone is getting very excited for her arrival. My boys marvel at seeing her move in my belly and have already connected with her. She even starts squirming when she hears their voices. How cool is that? I’ve finally started buying her things and will be completely ready for her by March 1st. BTW, shopping for a girl is a trip. Anyone who has ever done it knows what I mean. Oy vey! I decided not to have a baby shower (I had one with my first. That’s enough for me. LOL!), but will be having two “baby dinners” later this month — one for our families and one for my friends. Oh yeah, I almost forgot… I met with my birth doula a couple of weeks ago and I’m super excited to be using a doula this time around. I feel so comfortable with her and look forward to the whole birthing experience. Well, the pain not so much, but I think you get what I’m saying.

On the home-front

Since Thanksgiving last year, my home has been a whirlwind of activity. When we found out we were expecting baby #3 we immediately started thinking about moving. We have an older home with three SMALL bedrooms and a lot of work that needs to be done all around. We looked at the pros and cons of moving and it made more sense to stay in our mortgage-free home and renovate than to move and have to take on a mortgage. So, since we’ll be here for a while, we decided to renovate the basement. Oh the joys and pains of living in a home while renovating. Having things everywhere + 2 energetic boys + being super pregnant = a test of patience and sanity unlike none other. It’s been a struggle to say the least, but everything will be back in order by the end of the month AND we’ll have a whole new level of living space to boot. I can’t wait!

We also decided to move the boys into one bedroom, leaving the third bedroom empty for now. Doing this required closing up the small closet that is in their room, but I came up with a generous amount of storage for them, so they’re comfortable with room to grow. More than that on another post! Speaking of organization, during the renovation I decided to continue my quest to declutter the rest of the house and BABY I kicked some butt on that front. I’ll be completely done with decluttering every room by the end of the month. It’s been a long haul, but I’m finally at the end of that goal. Granted, staying organized requires effort, but upkeep is nothing like establishing the system.

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New goal for 2015

With everything going on, the topic of efficiency has been on my mind. I’ve been wondering how I’ll manage

Prepped three days worth of lunches for the boys following my Costco trip!
Prepped three days worth of lunches for the boys following my Costco trip!

working full-time, homeschooling, homemaking, and being a wife and mother of three 7 years old and under with all of the other plates I have a’spinning. What came to mind was this: honor the season I’m in by making my priorities crystal clear. One of the ways I’m doing this is by transitioning into grocery and necessity shopping once-a-month by the end of the year. Having more time and saving money are two of my highest priorities so this goal is very important. While it may sound intimidating, I assure you that I’m moving at a snail’s pace in this transition. Grace-based movements all the way!

I decided to simply start with meal planning. If I can make meal planning a habit that will be a big accomplishment. I got a glimpse into how this goal can be realized this past weekend after a trip to my local Costco. We decided to renew our membership and I was blown away by not only the savings (bought at least two weeks worth of food for $200 — we usually spend $125/week at the grocery store), but by the amount of organic food they have available. I can totally see it being our go-to grocery store for most things. Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled. Even my husband was kinda pumped at the prospect. I look forward to finding ways to shop once a month and will continue to share my journey here.


I’ll be posting an update on our homeschooling journey this week. Look for it on my other blog,

So, that’s it y’all. My life as of late in a nutshell. If you read this whole thing, bless you. I have lots of topics to talk about and will be posting more often! I just gotta. Talk to you soon! ❤


5 thoughts on “Updates Galore! This is a long one, peeps.”

  1. I’m so glad to hear the that all is well with you and the family. Your organization is so inspiring! In my mind I’m organized, my home looks organized, in real life I just throw most things in a shelf organizer and/or a cabinet and I’m last minute with everything. I think it’s just the way my mind works…real life organization seems so much better 🙂 Tell me more about Costco. I need to make it a point to just walk around as I fear buying in bulk (my family has no self control) and large grocery stores can be overwhelming (I’m a Trader Joes kinda girl). Maybe you can do an article on grocery lists and pricing of products at Costco? I’d be very appreciative 😉 Looking forward to reading more!


    1. Honestly, I can’t help but be organized. I was that kid who enjoyed cleaning her room. LOL! I find myself very frustrated when things aren’t organized and end up spending a lot more time and money than necessary. It’s definitely a journey, though. Stay encouraged! As for Costco, I’ll make sure to do a haul-type of post the next time I go. If I hadn’t just thrown away the receipt I would do one for the one I just did. I’m telling you though… I couldn’t believe the savings and the amount of food I got. Still blown away and I went on Sunday! I will definitely share my experience with Costco and once-a-month shopping for sure. Thanks for your comment!


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