Our 2015-2016 Homeschool Year Plan | Part Three

This is the third and final part of my homeschool year plan series. You can find parts one here and two here.


In parts one and two, I talked about the curriculum for my second grader. This post will touch on what we’ll be doing as a family, as well as what I’ll be doing with my preschooler.

Morning Time

Each morning, before we begin school, I want to take time to come together as a family (Daddy too, if possible) to start our day in a happy and grounded way. Enter the Morning Time binder. Basically, it’s a binder that contains the things you want to do to start your morning off right. Setting the tone and rhythm for the school day is important to me, and I feel as if having this binder will make sure I do that.

I’m still working on my binder. However, here’s what I’m leaning toward:

  • Vocabulary word of the week
  • African proverb of the week
  • Foreign language word of the week
  • Goals for the day/week
  • Poem and Poet of the month
  • Artist of the month
  • Musical artist of the month
  • Journaling
  • Letter of the week (preschooler)
  • Number of the week  (preschooler)
  • Calendar and weather  (preschooler)

The list above does not represent everything I want to cover each day or what we’ll do all year long. It’s a living list that will allow us to cycle through what I feel is a good fit for where we are at the time. I look forward to sharing my binder once it’s complete, most likely the end of this month.

P.S. — Pam Barnhill of Ed Snapshots, the blog link I included above, just came out with a new podcast dedicated to morning time. I love her other podcast and can’t wait to listen to this one!

Fun Fridays

Since we have school four days per week, Friday’s are our “fun” days.  My plan is to alternate biweekly between arts and crafts/games and field trips throughout the year. Our homeschool co-op meets on Friday, so if we participate in classes this year, this plan may change a bit. Also, if needed, Fridays will be used to finish up any remaining work we weren’t able to complete during the school week.


My youngest sun has shown interest in “doing school” like his big brother, so I have school-type things for him to do, too.

Some things we’ll do are:

  • Reading books on his level
  • Shape recognition
  • Color recognition
  • Number recognition
  • Letter recognition
  • Counting
  • Critical thinking activities, such as puzzles, sequencing, and matching
  • Pre-writing activities
  • Speech therapy exercises
  • Gross and fine motor skill activities
  • Pre-reading activities
  •  Art and more…

I mostly work with him while his brother is doing independent work or on a break in between our one-on-one time. Whatever we do happens very organically, and that’s how I like it. If I introduce something and he’s not into it, we move on. I’m not planning on officially homeschooling him until age 5 or 6, so we have some time.

There you have it, a peek into what we plan on learning this year. As always, this can change if need be, though hopefully I’ve planned well. We shall see!

Are you all ready for your homeschool year? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Our 2015-2016 Homeschool Year Plan | Part Three”

    1. My pleasure! Thank you, and the same to you! BTW, I LOVE the new podcast! I listened to it yesterday and will definitely be implementing morning time in our homeschool. Thanks so much for all you do, Pam!


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