Farmer’s Market & Visiting with the Grandparents {Vlog}

In this week’s vlog, we visit a farmer’s market and snagged a few goodies while we were there. I love supporting local farmers when I can and always try to take my children along when I do. There’s something about growing up and being able to connect with the people in your community, especially the ones who grow some of your food.

One thing you might not know is that it has become easier to do this because we live in Detroit. Crazy, right? Well, our city is home to a growing number of urban farms, and we’re about that life, yo. We plan to have a much larger garden next year, but we will still buy local as much as we can.

This vlog also includes a visit with the grandparents (my parents) who were visiting from out of state. The kids just love their Gigi and Papa, and the love is returned ten fold.


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