Homeschool Room Tour! {Vlog}

I think I made the quickest homeschool room tour video ever to hit YouTube. It’s just over 5-minutes, y’all. Personally, I know that homeschool room tours usually take a while, but I set out to make mine short, sweet, and to the point. Y’all probably expect that from me by now. 😉

Hope you enjoy the video and let me know if you have any questions!

Here are links to a couple things shown in the video.

  • I purchased the Waldorf Wooden Rocker Board a few years ago and it provides the kids with a way to move during school time without causing too much craziness. They balance on it, have used it as a ramp for cars, and other dangerous… I mean fun things over the years.
  • The prize list came from an idea I saw on Candace from Homeschool on the Hill’s YouTube channel. Her reward system idea has really worked for my boys this year. I use tickets just like her however we use a prize basket instead of an over the door storage unit. Here’s a copy of my take. homeschooling_prizes-and-tickets

Oh, and I left out a couple of things by mistake.

  • The kid’s computer is on the desk. It’s an old Google Chrome that gets the job done for their purposes. Eventually, they’ll have laptops, but they’re good for now.
  • The bag next to the bookcase with the library books holds the materials we’re currently working on. I’m still working on finding homes for a few things and that’s one of them. So in the bag it goes for now.

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