Homeschooling with Babies and Toddlers – Thrift Store Toy Haul

Happy Sunday!

This week, I share with y’all my very first Youtube haul! I’m not excited or anything. :-p  I just had to share the deals that I snagged because snagging deals on things we need makes me …


Recently, I made the decision to limit the children to one hour of screen time per day, and that means I needed to give them other options. As I mention in the video, my style is typically minimalist, but with kiddos, ya can’t deny them toys, right? RIGHT? So, I’m slowly and intentionally buying items that require imagination, creativity, and even invites teamwork with the boys *GASP*. My investment is paying dividends already.

The toys you’ll see are mostly for the littles (my almost 5 and almost 2 year olds) who needed things to keep them busy whilst I homeschool their older brother. However all of the toys could definitely be shared or played with cooperatively with a problem.

Hope you enjoy seeing what we got!

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