Park-A-Week Series | Booth Park {Review and Vlog}

We’re on a roll with hitting up a new park each week as part go our summer bucket list, and this week is no different. We landed at Booth Park in the heart of Birmingham, MI.

From the website, “Booth Park is located at the southwest intersection of Old Woodward and Harmon, north of the Rouge River branch. Its features include an expansive playscape, a labyrinth and tunnel, turf hill/amphitheater, during the winter months an area for sledding, rain garden, stabilized stream banks, native plantings, a trail connecting to the Rouge River Trail, and open green space. The award-winning park was originally the site of the turnof- the-century inter-urban railway system.”

There’s definitely a lot packed into this park. As you’ll see, the kids tried out everything they could. We didn’t get to check out the nature trail — next time, for sure! It was pretty busy on the day we went, but the kids had more than enough room to run around and play.

There are some things to be aware of when you go:


  1. There are no restrooms. I did see a porta-potty and restaurants and stores nearby, but no designated restrooms at the park. With little ones, that could make things dicey.
  2. There are water fountains, so that’s a plus.
  3. Parking is limited and, from what I saw, is metered. Kind of annoying.
  4. You’ll need to grab some cardboard from the alley behind the brown fence, across the street from the park (on Harmon) if your kids want to slide on the turf hill. And of course they’ll want to do that. A nice delivery guy, who I assume is frequently in the area, let me know that before we got to the park, and I was ever so grateful. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known!
  5. There are outdoor tables with umbrellas for you to eat at, which is nice.

Overall, we spent about 45 minutes there and could’ve definitely stayed longer. Even though there are some negatives (no bathrooms! 😦 ), we would absolutely go again.

Take a look at our visit below.


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