Homeschool Room Turned Maker Space!

What happens when your homeschool room just doesn’t work anymore? You turn it into a maker space! Well, at least that’s what we’ve done. The previous setup no longer met our needs, so I decided to not just declutter like I usually do. I decided to make the room more of a space where the kids’ imaginations can soar; where they can get *a little* messy with experiments and paint; where they could play board games and leave them out without worry of “Mommy messing it up (by cleaning it up);” where mistakes are welcomed and even encouraged because they mean they’re trying. Yes, the children can learn anywhere, however having a designated space where that’s the standard is what I was after. So, I added a table and two chairs, brought back in two bookcases, labeled and organized the storage boxes, and purchased art supplies and other materials to make it happen. While the room is small, it gives us just enough space to hang out and create, do homeschool during the week, while keeping everything related to those activities in one, organized place.

Making these changes ushered in a wave of new and creative energy that the children have been riding ever since. While the room is never going to be *done,* I’m pleased with how much love it’s getting from the children and even the dog. She’s my “oldest baby,” you know.


If you’re not familiar with how the room looked before, you can check it out here.

 Take a peek into our maker space below.


Have you changed your homeschool space around lately? How did it turn out? Have you noticed that it had a fresh energy after you did? If you haven’t shaken things up in that department in a while, consider it, m-kay?



3 thoughts on “Homeschool Room Turned Maker Space!”

  1. What a great space! I would love to have an area such as that. Alas it is not to be…at least for the present stage our of lives. Praying you thoroughly enjoy your new maker space.

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    1. Thank you, Beth! I’m so behind on my comments, but I wanted to say thank you anyway. We actually moved into the basement now, and it works SOOOO much better. Homeschool is where you make it, I say.


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