My First Amazon Pantry Haul

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I’m an Amazon Prime member and decided to use Amazon Pantry for some of the things I’d typically buy in store. Even though I order from Amazon all the time, this was the first time I used the service. I’m always looking for ways to save money and time, and since we’re doing a no-spend year this year (more on that soon), I wanted to see how well Amazon Pantry would work for our grocery budget and my time.

my firstamazon pantryhaul

For $5.99 shipping, you can fill a large box with non-perishable food and household items and receive it in two days through Prime. I tried my darnedest to fill my pantry box to 100%, but only got to about 70% full as I didn’t really need that much this go-round. In hindsight, I probably could’ve spent more time to see all of what they offered, especially since Whole Foods’ 365 brand is available on there, but I did the best I could. I spent just over $94 and got a mix of food and household items.

Overall, I think I’ll use Amazon Pantry again because the prices were comparable and I didn’t have to leave the house. I wish my area had Amazon Fresh for fresh fruits and vegetables — hopefully soon! But, for now, check out what I got in our video below!

Are your groceries shipped to you?

If so, what service do you use? Talk to me in the comments.



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