Minimalist Birthday Gifts – Boy Edition

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Both of my boys have birthdays in January, so we keep things simple in the gift department for a few reasons.

Minimalist Gift Giving


  • We’re aspiring minimalists and don’t see the value in buying lots of things that they neither need, want, nor will use.
  • They’re just not into toys like that, so what they ask for is what they’ve noticed they need through actual play. Since they’re very specific as to what they want, we usually get what they ask for, as long as it doesn’t exceed a $50 budget. Or pretty close to budget. 😉
  • Christmas is so close that they have usually already have the gifts they asked for so additional gifts aren’t given, so we encourage them to ask for experiences over gifts because they usually have more fun than with physical gifts.

The boys’ birthdays are only eight days apart, so sometimes we combine their gift(s) (think having a combined birthday party or outing), or we let them celebrate separately with their own gifts. This year, they wanted different things, so we obliged. My now six-year old’s birthday comes first, and he wanted to go to SkyZone, an indoor trampoline park, so we went. We’ve gone to a different one before; you can check that out here. We went on Homeschool Day which saved us about $18 between all three children, so we only spent $40. Under budget birthday gifts are the best! We went to McDonalds at his request and his day was made.




Then, my oldest son turned ten year old last week. T-E-N. I’m still in shock. Any who, I wanted to share what we got him to show that you can still give gifts while being an aspiring minimalist. He had a $50 budget and I made sure we received just what he asked for. We celebrated with some cupcakes and pizza as well.


Check out the video below to see what he got!

So, that’s how we celebrate birthdays from a minimalist perspective.

Do you do the same?

Let me know how you do it in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Minimalist Birthday Gifts – Boy Edition”

  1. We too practice the lifestyle of minimal gifts! My second daughter turned 10 today. She received a Princess dress, a watch (analog), and a hardback notebook. 🙂 We had a family birthday dinner, with a small cake she choose herself, last night (as her older sister has to work today and would not be available). We usually alternate each year between a low-key family outing of their choice or a family dinner (they choose the menu) with a few gifts. Glad to know others do birthdays this way too. 🙂

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    1. Yes, keeping things simple for birthdays makes them more special, I think. My son still wears his watch everyday, so I know it means a lot to him. That’s what you hope for when you buy gifts, right? 🙂


      1. My daughter cracked the glass a bit on her watch but still wears it every day. She used her notebook to write and illustrate a chapter book. Her gifts still bring her joy which is exactly what I was hoping going minimal would do. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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