Shhh… It’s a Surprise!

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Renaissance Center Tour {Vlog}

Even though I was born and raised in Detroit, and had even previously worked in the Renaissance Center (aka Ren Cen), I’d never gone on a tour. When the opportunity came to take a tour with our homeschool co-op, I was definitely in. We took a private, guided tour, which has a cost, but there are free, public tours available as well. Go here for more details.

During the tour, our guide shared the history of the Ren Cen, as well as other tidbits while taking us to different places that we probably would’ve only found if we had mistakenly gotten lost (if you’ve been to the Ren Cen, you know what I mean.) I like that she kept things moving because, well, kids. That made this tour pretty cool given that children can attend and enjoy it, as long as you have a tour guide that “gets it,” if ya know what I mean. The tour ended with us going to Coach Insignia on the 72nd floor. As you’ll see, the views are awesome.


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