2017-18 Homeschool Curriculum Reveal

This school year’s homeschool curriculum reveal video is up on our Youtube channel! I had a great time sharing with everyone on Facebook live this past Friday. I think I’ll “go live” more often this school year, so no worries if you missed this go ’round. You can still check out the unedited video here.

Check out what we have planned for the year, as well as links to everything, below!

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Maestro Classics – The MP3 Collection

Teaching Textbooks – Math 3

Brave Writer – The Arrow

Big Life Journal

Word Roots Beginning Workbook and flashcards (Latin)

Teach Your Child to Read In 100 Easy Lessons

Let’s Talk Together

The Boys Body Book

2017-2018 Student Planner

Math-U-See – Alpha 

Sprogs Felt Storyboard Set of Four

Ultimate Preschool Bundle

Sight Word Books and Poems

Follow the Directions and Learn


Baby Basics: My First Words

I think I listed everything. If not, leave a comment below and I’ll add whatever I missed.


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31-DAY VIDEO SERIES | Day 16 | Homeschooling is NOT… Just About Curriculum

If you missed any of the videos in the series, you can watch them here.

Today’s topic is one that I’d like to scream from the mountaintop. I keep things straight and to the point in this one.

Did I miss the mark or do you agree?

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